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Monday, October 18, 2021

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The RES participated in a case study at Portside Pier in downtown San Diego, which recently opened in July 2020. The RES participated in a case study at Portside Pier in downtown San Diego, which recently opened in July 2020.

Real Estate Society Continues to Provide Opportunities to Students

SDSU Real Estate Society President Jacob DuCharme discusses how the student organization continues to provide students with valuable opportunities despite the pandemic.
By Fowler College of Business News Team

Student organizations at San Diego State University have continued to operate effectively, host professional events and engage with the community through virtual platforms, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. 

During SDSU’s fall 2020 semester, the Real Estate Society (RES) has hosted guest speakers at virtual meetings to sharpen their professional skills and network with potential employers. 

The Fowler College of Business News Team spoke with Jacob DuCharme, a junior majoring in real estate and RES president, to discuss how the student organization has adapted to a virtual environment, why students should join the organization, and how the RES has impacted his leadership experience. DuCharme also describes his time at SDSU and his career aspirations, while offering advice to current students.

What events, gatherings, and activities does your organization host?

We have been virtually hosting biweekly guest speakers to discuss various aspects of the commercial real estate industry. We also publish case studies, alumni testimonials, and Q&A video sessions with various professionals around Southern California.

How does RES connect with the community outside of SDSU?

We have a very strong alumni network that is kept in the loop by the Real Estate Society Alumni Board. Prior to COVID-19, we would travel to case studies every other Friday and walk through a development project with the developer, designer, project manager or leasing team. We would then go to lunch as a group to get more interpersonal networking value. We plan to continue this once state and local guidelines, as well as SDSU allows us to do so.

Why should students join your RES?

Students should join RES for a multitude of reasons: to make like-minded, driven friends, to learn more about real estate or finance opportunities within the surrounding industry, and to sharpen professional skills and tools such as resumes, Excel skills and networking.

How can a student get involved with RES?

Our website,, has all the information you need. Click “join” at the top if you are interested in becoming a member.

As a student leader involved with an organization at SDSU, can you share why you got involved and what your experience has been like so far?

I decided to get involved as a freshman because I knew what I wanted to do with my career, generally speaking. The Real Estate Society has educated me and inspired me to look at new avenues I would have never considered. It has also introduced me to countless professionals; some have become my mentors. My experience has been absolutely incredible! Even if you graduate soon, involvement in any club will help you progress your career, network, and extracurricular education.

What experience with your organization has been the most impactful?

The networking opportunities provided by RES have been the most impactful experience. I have met and talked with more than 100-200 professionals and have learned so much about the industry and where I would fit in best after graduation.

What has been your favorite SDSU memory so far? 

The first case study I went to with The Real Estate Society as a freshman during one of my first weeks of college was awesome. We walked around a development by Newport National Corporation in San Diego with Scott Brusseau and discussed each and every aspect of the project that gave the tenants value. On one of the floors, a defense contractor had planned to lease the entire floor. So, they had to find a way to give the company proper technology and defense to be able to operate.

What career aspirations do you have following your time at SDSU?

My career goals in chronological order are to start working full-time in the commercial real estate industry at a firm by the September after I graduate, work for that firm for 20+ years while saving up capital, then create my own firm that develops projects for the less fortunate, such as lower socioeconomic families in countries like Mexico, homeless in America, and affordable income projects that uplift the entire community while defeating the negative stigma of Section 8 and affordable income.