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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Ben holds both a bachelor's and master's degree from SDSU. Ben holds both a bachelor's and master's degree from SDSU.

7 Things About Ben Eisenstein

Ben Eisenstein is an SDSU alum and the current associate director for Aztec Shops.

Ben Eisenstein arrived at San Diego State University in the fall of 2002. He graduated in spring 2006 with a communications degree. "Some of my fondest memories are learning from Glen Broom," Eisenstein said.

After spending a few years in Hollywood as a publicist, he returned to SDSU in the Aztec Shops sector. He worked full-time while attending the SDSU M.B.A. program, which he completed in 2013.

1. What inspired you to do this kind of work?

I’ve always wanted to write for a living. Hollywood hadn’t come calling for my screenplays, so I started writing commercial copy. A couple years of business school and here I sit.

2. How long have you worked at SDSU?

Since June 2011. "Cars 2" and "Mr. Popper’s Penguins" had just been released. It was a heady time.

3. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

“The important things in life are very few.”

It’s not so much advice, but a quote I read some time ago. I repeat it aloud to myself when my Outlook reminders hit double digits. Then my colleagues stare at me.
4. What is your favorite thing about your job?

I work with really talented graphic artists who inspire me. When someone from our team comes up with a really terrific idea for promoting Aztec gear or our dining locations, that’s what gets me most excited. Seeing them recognized for their work by others is even better.

Also, marketers spend a lot of time thinking about whether anyone really sees their work and if it ever “moves the needle”. So, our social team posting message about new SDSU Nike gear and seeing it reach hundreds of Likes can be pretty rewarding. It’s a fleeting thrill at the end of the day, but nice nonetheless.

5. What about your field or position do you think would surprise people the most?

Almost everyone believes they can do it better than you. Sometimes that happens to be true, but most often, you just have to have faith in yourself and the work of your team. Marketers should be prepared to be second-guessed all of the time. It just comes with the territory. It’s not personal and it’s often helpful.

6. What is the most interesting or surprising thing about you?

I can’t tie my shoes properly and can’t ride a bike. Fatherhood will be awkward.

7. If you could only rescue one thing from your burning office, what would it be?

My Aztec Shops employee card. It’s worth three cups of coffee each work day. I can’t put a price on that. Well, that’s not true. I’m sure I could price on that very easily with a bit of research.

Bonus Questions

1. What is your favorite kind of music/what are your favorite bands?

For me, there’s Green Day and then everything else. I’ve seen them over a dozen times. I think the money I’ve spent on Green Day can buy them at least a couple years’ worth of eyeliner and I’m cool with that.

2. What is your favorite sports team or who is your favorite individual athlete?

My favorite athlete was Jose Canseco, but then he went off the deep end.