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San Diego State University


Education Specialist


Counseling and School Psychology


Concurrent Degrees


Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor
Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Latin American Studies
Master of Public Administration and Master of Arts in Latin American Studies
Master of Public Health and Master of Arts in Latin American Studies
Master of Public Health and Master of Social Work
Master of Science in Nutritional Science and Master of Science in Exercise Physiology
Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor


Credentials Offered


Bilingual Multiple Subjects Preliminary Credential
Bilingual Single Subject Preliminary Credential
Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential
Clear for Multiple and Single Subject Credential

Certificate in Teacher Induction Certificate: 5th Year
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
Reading Specialist Credential
School Counseling Pupil Personnel Services Credential
Single Subjects Preliminary Credential
Special Education: Clear Credential
Special Education: Early Childhood Preliminary Credential
Special Education: Mild Moderate Disabilities Preliminary Credential
Special Education: Moderate Severe Disabilities Preliminary Credential
Speech Language Pathology Credential


Graduate Certificate Programs (NonDegree)


Certificate in Academic Literacy Development for English Language Learning
Certificate in Accounting
Certificate Advanced Artist Diploma
Certificate in Advanced Behavior Analysis
Certificate in Biomedical Quality Systems (External Degree)
Certificate in Distance Education (External Degree)
Certificate in Dual Language Biliteracy
Certificate in Children's Literature
Certificate in Community College Teaching
Certificate in Developing Gifted Potential
Certificate in EC- (SEBRIS)
Certificate in Educational Facility Planning (External Degree)
Certificate in Executive Financial Planner (External Degree)
Certificate in Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
Certificate in Instructional Software Design
Certificate in Instructional Software Design (External Degree)
Certificate in Nursing Education
Certificate in Preventative Medicine Residency
Certificate in Primary Grade Writing
Certificate in Reading
Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Certificate
Certificate in Rehabilitation Administration (External Degree)
Certificate in Rehabilitation Technology
Certificate in Regulatory Affairs Certificate in Single Subject Mathematics (IV Campus)
Certificate in Social Work Administration
Certificate in Teaching of Writing
Certificate in Teaching English as a Secondary Foreign Language/TESF/TEFL
Certificate in Web and Mobile Applications
Certificate in Womens Studies